Be In The Present

The past has shaped what we are today and the future is shaping our continuously, we are in a continuous evolutionary process, which is depending on our future goal. But, only the present is real. The past was our present and the future will be our present. Hence, the past is the only truth.

We can not move a leaf from one place to another neighter in the past nor in the future, what we have is the present. But in the present we are not happy, the root causes of our unhappiness lies in the past and the fear or uncertainty of the future. The emitional pains caused by the unconscious world when we were kids, the rejection of love when in adolescent, the failures of our youth has moulded our present lives, and the negativeness of such things that have happened to us are still alive in our unconscious relam. These are making us more cautious about the future uncertainities, these past event have created fear in us, now whenever we start something new, whether a relationship or a project or simply a job, we are scared. The fear has nothing to do with the present, but its about the past and future. Because of our past bitter experience in relationships, now we are more cautious in loving, we find it difficult to trust our partner, we feel no interest, all because we are afraid, and to some extent the past pain has made us emotionally strong. But we forget that the person we are with is completely different from the one we were having an affair, we find it hard to accept that the fact that things have changed, and the unacceptance of the truth leads to the appearence of difficulties in our present relationship, the same is true in case of a job or interview, in every walk of life we need to understand that all roads are not same, just because the previous road was rough and zig-zag the present will also be rough, is not true every time. Dwelling in the past and getting worried about a future which is still far away ruins the joy of present..