I was very proud

So, I was looking at the sky,

The vast blue sky.

And i heard, although never seen,

I saw on television,

How vast the world beyond,

The curtain, appears as sky.

Yesterday, I was very proud,

And boastful I was !

Of my possessions, gold,

And dollar bills,

My house and cars,

White collar job and

The beautiful woman,

Who claims to love,

Expansive watches and wine.

Today, I am feeling,

Tiny in the whole,

Like an ant dwelling,

On a mountain of wheat,

Carrying one grain,

Thinking it is everything.

©Jay Yadav

All rights reserved

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Devil’s laugh

Boots can crush the heads,

Not the minds !

Batons can smash the heart,

Not the zeal.

Blood appears to you,

Color mixed with water,

Lives do not matter !

Oh one, Sitting on,

Bodies of dead.

What if, souls are awake !

2019 © Jay Yadav

All rights reserved

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