Pain of Love

The pain of love,

How can I define,

Living together,

Yet alone, with each other.

How can I define,

Hope that leads to,

Giving another try,

Hope is good,

Gives the courage to fight,

It has a bad side,

Keeps man fighting,

In a lost war.

How can I define,

The pain and sorrow,

Those are killing me,

Eating my soul,

Thoughts of loss,

Covering me whole.



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We could have solution

We took a vow,

Only death could set us apart.

We are still alive,

The vow have died.

The cover of my pillow,

Knows tales of sorrow.

I tried every today,

In the hope of a better tomorrow.

The paints on the walls,

Are decaying as Uranium.

The Goldfish you brought,

Is lonely in aquarium.

Every bone in my body,

Knows the pain of emotions.

My dear friend, if we had tried,

We could have a solution.



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