Fear of flying

Hey folks, hope you had a great weekend and all set to face the new Monday. I talk a lot about self help, anxiety and phobias, today let’s discuss about Fear of flying.

Fear of flying is also a phobia. The common medium of flying is aeroplane, so let’s talk about fear of traveling by aeroplane.

Actually it is a combination of two phobias, some people fear flying in an aeroplane because they are scared of heights, on the other hand, some people are afraid of being stuck in closed place.

The fear of height is known as acrophobia and fear of being enclosed in a place like an aeroplane with no ability to exit for a set period of time is known as claustrophobia.

The cause behind the fear of flying in an aeroplane maybe a traumatic experience onboard which has caused you a panic attack, occasionally witnessing plane crash on TV or any bad experience after flight, for example you traveled to meet a person who told you that you are fired or you traveled to meet your girlfriend and she told you she wanted to break up.

How to deal with this ??

All phobias arise from extreme sensitization in a particular situation, gradually this brings anxiety and we start to avoid that situation, we are rewarded by not experiencing that anxiety when we avoid that situation, the more we avoid the more it becomes formidable. So the best and first step is Desensitization.

  • First, educate yourself about how planes operate. For example, it’s helpful to know that if an engine fails, the plane can continue to fly.
  • If you are claustrophobic, choose a window seat.
  • Have another person to go with you for the first few flights and talk to you, distract you.
  • On the day of flight, give yourself enough time, do not hurry.
  • Make your first few flights not more than an hour.

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