Adopting a vegan diet helped reducing my anxiety

I used to take a lot of animal protein in the form of meat, eggs, milk, sugar etc and used to feel anxious, stressed, sometimes very lazy, but since I started to take only vegetables, it helped me a lot in managing my anxiety and stress. Are you an omnivorous like I was? Do you feel anxious and stressed?

We become what we eat,” think about this once. Our body is made of flesh, bones, a billion cells which needs nutrition to work properly. We get that nutrition /energy from our food, so our health depends on what we eat.

Study showed that people who eat less non-vegetarian foods, cheese, dairy products, takes less animal protein have less stress and anxiety. It is not necessary or even advisable to give up all sources of animal protein, but reducing the amount of intake of rich sources of animal protein like meat, cow milk, eggs etc can show beneficial and noticeable effect.

Now the question arises, how changing our diet from non-vegetarian to vegetarian can help reduce stress and anxiety?

Meat, dairy products, sugar, refined flour, poultry, eggs are all acid forming food. They may not be acidic in composition but they leave an acidic residue in our body, as a result the time taken for the food to travel through the digestive tract increases, sometimes it increases to the point where all the vitamins and minerals are not adequately mixed with blood, some vitamins are mixed some are still not absorbed, this under absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals add stress to our body.

Another reason is, the acidic food produces congestive products after breaking up by metabolism. This is more evident when we are already under stress and can not digest food properly. We start to feel sluggish or tired. These products add stress to the body which in turn aggravate tension and anxiety.

So, the freer our body is from the congestion of acid forming foods the more light and calm we feel.

To feel less stressed and anxious it is good to maintain an acid – alkaline balance in the body. To maintain balance between these two components we can do two things.

  • Reduce the consumption of acid forming food, some of the most common acid forming food are meat (especially red meat), dairy products like cheese, cow’s milk ( instead of consuming cow’s milk we can replace this with soy milk or rice milk), eggs, poultry, sugar, refined flour products.
  • Increase the consumption of alkaline foods, some of the most common alkaline foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grain food for example millet, brown rice, bean sprouts.