Less Coffee Less Stress

Who doesn’t like coffee or tea. A cup of hot coffee after hours of work in the office or during long night study is very much relaxing, this may give relaxation for the moment but slowly and gradually it turns into a habit, when the limit increases, the stress and anxiety also increases.

Among all the dietary factors, caffeine is most notorious. Caffeine keeps us more alert, it stimulates various systems of our body.

How Does Caffeine Increases Stress & Anxiety ??

  • Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter, important for attentiveness, emotions, sleeping, draming, arousal. Regular consumption of caffeine increases Norepinephrine level in the brain and that causes us to feel more alert and awake. Also produces physiological response similar to those we experiences when we are stressed.
  • Studies have suggested that consumption of high caffeine can increase hypertension and blood pressure for a small period of time.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin), is an anti-stress vitamin, increased caffeine consumption deplete Vitamin B1, leads to increased stress and panic attack.

In everyday life, coffee, tea and coke are the main sources of caffeine. There are tremendous individual variation in sensitivity to caffeine. If a person is suffering from either anxiety or panic attack, it is better to drink less coffee, tea and coke. Better not to consume caffeine more than 100mg per day, i. e one or one and half a cup of coffee per day.

Caffeine content in Coffee & Tea :-

  • Coffee (instant) : 67 mg / Cup
  • Coffee (percolated) : 112 mg / Cup
  • Coffee (drip) : 148 mg / Cup
  • Tea bag / Loose Tea : 5 minute brew 48mg /Cup
  • Tea bag /Loose Tea : 1 minute brew 28mg /Cup

If you’re a hardcore coffee or tea lover like me, you will find this very difficult to give up at once. I used to drink 5 / 6 cups of coffee per day, when I tried to stop suddenly, ended up with withdrawal reactions like heavy head, fatigue, headache, depression. So it’s better to give up slowly, for example if you are drinking 5 cups of coffee or tea per day, then first try taking 4 cups for a month, next month reduce it to 3 cups and so on.

Next time when someone ask you for a cup of coffee or tea, think again before saying OKAY !!