Yayyy.. Nominated for Sunshine blogging award..

Hey folks, Yesterday I was nominated by Susi Bocks of I Write Her for Sunshine blogging award, Sushi is an amazing blogger and writer, I personally like her Haiku / Senryu poems a lot, I thank her for nominating me for the Sunshine blogger award. Check Susi’s blog here.

Rules of Sunshine Blogging Award :-

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive this award.

4.Write 11 new questions for the nominated bloggers.

5. Notify the nominees about the nomination by commenting on one of their posts.

6. List the rules and display them on your post.

Here are the questions, Susi asked to me.

1. Who is the most influential person in you life and why?

One of my teachers from high school, Krishna Tarat, she is no more in this world, but her teachings, not only academics but lessons of life

2. If you were forbidden to ever write again what would you be doing instead?

I don’t know how life would be without writing, as it is part and parcel of my life, maybe I would end up being a photographer if I were forbidden to write.

3. What is your favorite color ?


4. Who is the musical artist who gives you the chills ?

All time favorite, Bob Dylan.

5. Is toco a sandwich ?

That’s tricky. I guess it’s sandwich in Maxican style. ( Sandwhichooo should be another name of Toco ! LOL )

6. Do you prefer small intimate gatherings or large loud parties ?

I love small gatherings.

7. What was a milestone in your life you are particularly proud of ?

Not proud of anything but the day I got my Master of Science degree, I really felt a sense of satisfaction.

8. Do you like where you live in or would rather be somewhere else ?

I am happy being surrounded by my parents and friends, so, yeah I like it here.

9. Do you prefer chocolate or potato chips as a snack?

Potato chips.

10. What issue in today’s world get riled up the most?

Lack of morality, I think.

11. Besides writing any other form of art you are attracted to ?

I love street photography besides writing. (If it counts as any form of art )


My Questions –

1. How did you start blogging ?

2. Any advice/suggestion for new bloggers ?

3. What is your favorite food?

4. Mountains or Ocean, which will you prefer for holiday destination?

5. Are you practicing any form or meditation exercise ?

6. Song that you often sing?

7. Do you use plastics?

8. Love at first sight, do you believe this ?

9. Do you have any pets? If yes, then what is his/her name?

10. If you get an opportunity to be any of the Avengers, who will you be?

11. An issue in today’s world that you would like to change/end?


Nomination –

I am nominating :

The Light Is On

Katie Kay!

Through my eyes


M’s Blog


Does writing excuse watching?

Painted Poems


Taylor Grace


Thank you for reading this post.

Good luck for your journey as a blogger.

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Page from my book : Part of me

A part of me, resides in you.

The thoughts of being apart,

Shakes my world,

Makes my vision blurred,

Take away a breathe from me.

We never said “I love you”,

Yet it’s beautiful to love in silence.

The uncertainty of the future,

Aches my heart.

I feel heat inside,

Anxiety and fatigue,

When I think of life,

Without you, I’m a defeated warrior.

When you’re with me, I wish the time to freeze,

When one longs for something,

With no hope to get it,

Every second runs quick.

It’s wise to live in the present,

Men plans, God laughs,

But the thoughts of future,

Is in men’s nature.

Tomorrow we may no longer,

Be the same,

You may walk on the aisle,

To hold another hand.

I may find another,

Not at all like you,

Life will go on,

As it has to be.

The love will remain unspoken,

But decades from now,

A part of me,

Will reside in you.

Or things may take a turn,

We may end up, loving in quite,

Tying knots,

Those are already tied.

Grow old together,

Laid side by side in the graveyard,

No one will remember

Who we were.

Bodies will be eaten by worms,

Bones will decay,

The heart, in which you reside,

Will be lost in sand.

Still, a part of me,

Will reside in you.



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Thoughts : Love

Among all the causes of grief, love is the most widespread, sometimes it is because someone doesn’t love us, sometimes because they left, sometimes the love once felt died a silent death. The man feels he has more love to give all the other women he secretly admires but he has unseen boundaries, the woman feels her bright future, the dreams once she had, are defeated in the fight with obligations towards her husband and children.

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Who am I ??

Who am I ?

Fraction of the whole.

What am I made of ?

Soil, Water, Ether, Wind and Fire,

Destined to return into the same.

What is my purpose?

The purpose of men is,

To meet the maker.

What stops me?

The sins of men,

My ego, my pride,

My arrogance and greed,

Lust and joy of my senses.

What I get?

Sorrows and pain,

Failures and sufferings.

What should I do?

Love the world,

Feel the sorrows of others,

Have compassion and mercy,

Forgive and forget,

The wrong and wrong doer.



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We could have solution

We took a vow,

Only death could set us apart.

We are still alive,

The vow have died.

The cover of my pillow,

Knows tales of sorrow.

I tried every today,

In the hope of a better tomorrow.

The paints on the walls,

Are decaying as Uranium.

The Goldfish you brought,

Is lonely in aquarium.

Every bone in my body,

Knows the pain of emotions.

My dear friend, if we had tried,

We could have a solution.



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