Six word story

Hesitated…… Yet, she did not resist.

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Flash fiction : Blood

At first, the taste was salty having a metallic smell. Soon my tongue felt the sweetness of blood and the metallic smell turned in to an aroma as my soul began to covered itself with darkness. My nails felt the the unstoppable urge to dig in to the flesh and tear it apart. Lust and cruelty were at their peak, as the winner of a battle takes the possessions of the riches and the queens of the defeated king, the devil was taking possession of the virtues, love and kindness I have, or I should say I had once. The body of the ferocious wolf was laying on the ground, his pride, vengeance and cruelty, all had gone, but it was still alive, I looked at his eyes, I could see the desire to live, the fear in his eyes which was in mine moments ago, he was wailing in pain as if he was begging to me for his life, the evil spirit left him and found a new shelter in me. Blood spread all over the ground, a portion of which had mixed with the soil and already dried up. The sight of blood awoke my cruelty again, the sound of pain of the wolf appeared as a beautiful song, my ears were enjoying his wail, the fear in his eyes was giving me a sense of pride, I felt powerful, strong, the weaks and defeated ones have no right to live as every powerful creature feels, I felt the urge to kill that wolf, I kept my hands on his neck, for a moment the wolf thought that the kindness which is quality of human had returned in my heart, his eyes reflected the hope his heart held, only to be proved wrong in the next second. I dug my nails into his neck. The softness of his flesh was making me feel peaceful, he wailed louder, my ears enjoyed more, I was about to rip his throat apart with my fierce nails, but I heard a woman’s voice coming from a distance, gradually the voice became clearer, it was my mother calling my name, everything around me started to spin, my vision began to blur, the wolf, forest, blood everything started to vanish, I felt a jerk in my body, a hand began shaking my shoulder, I opened my eyes and mother was standing in front of me. It was a bad dream I realized.


2019 ©Jay Yadav

All rights reserved

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Photo Credit : Geulgram

Blogging Series #4 : Social Media

Hello blogger community, Guess all of you are having a good weekend.

I hope you have enjoyed my previous posts about creating an author blog, if you have not read yet then Click here.

Let’s talk about how Social media can be used as author’s platform.

We all know the power of social media, if you are a blogger and have no social media links on your blog or blog posts or no links of your blog on your social media pages /accounts, more likely you’ll end up with less traffic to your blog. So, the first and most important thing you gotta do is to link your blog to your social media accounts, you can either connect them by going to your WIDGET settings or leave the links to your social media pages in each and every post.

Among all the social media platforms, most of the people use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let’s concentrate on these three most commonly used platforms.

Facebook : More than half of the world is available on Facebook, if you are a blogger and most specifically an author, you can create a Facebook page for promoting your blog. But, my personal experience with Facebook is not very nice, on Facebook not a lot of people click on the links to blog posts, on the other hand if it is a photo or quote written on a photo, more people get engaged with that, remember that’s my personal experience.

Twitter : I find Twitter more useful for bloggers, we can share our links directly and tag people/communities who/which our post is targeting, in my personal experience Twitter is an amazing platform for bloggers and authors, I will suggest you to create a Twitter account if you have not created one yet. You can directly add your Twitter account to your blog by going to the Widgets settings.

Instagram : Most amazing and rapidly growing platform. People love graphics, a beautiful picture attracts more attention than a page full of words. For bloggers and as I am talking about author blog, for authors it’s a great platform. Writing short poems or a few meaningful lines, expressing our ideas into briefly on a photo and sharing this seems really cool. I personally do that. More over posting short videos of you reciting poems is also a good idea if you are a newbie author, food blogger, travel bloggers, lifestyle or any other niche, Instagram is a great help to generate more followers and traffic.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.

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Blogging series #3 : Contact and Content

Hi, folks. Hope you’ve found my previous posts about how to set up author blog useful, if you haven’t read yet then Click Here.

Today let’s talk about Contact & Content in your author blog.

Contact :- I guess many of us pays a serious attention on the contact page, but it is the door for your readers and people’s interested in your content to get in touch with you. Especially if you are an author, this is important, not only for your blog but for your business, the publishers or people who want to get engaged in serious business with you will more likely be wanting to get in touch with you via Email. So, it’s a better idea to put your Email id on the contact page.

Another important thing that I personally feel, is creating a brand email id, it maybe similar to your blog name. If you are an author, “author”, “writer” or some kind of creativity in your email id name seems very cool. This Email id should only be used for business purpose.

Content :- Content is the king, if everything is good, attractive, the graphics are amazing but content is poor, hardly a lot of people will follow, so much emphasis should be given on content, as I am talking about author blog, so the content should be somehow related to writing, novels, literature, but more importantly the blog is your flag among thousands of other authors, so regular updates about your ongoing writing projects like novels or poetry book, your writing practices, skills that you want to share with new writers, information about ongoing writing competitions in which the new writers can participate, some posts about your writings or poetry (those for which you hold the copyright), your travel, posts about other authors whose work you admire, or authors, whose work can be beneficial to new writers, book marketing, traditional and self publishing tips etc. If you are a new author and want to put your work in front of others but have no copyright than I think it’s better not to share the whole work but a small of it. Maybe a few pages or a chapter from your novel or a few poems. Sharing events of your personal life and expressing it in a literary way also helps people to know more about you and your literary skills simultaneously.

So, that’s all I wanted to share with you. It’s my views and can differ from many others.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.

Next post will be about How to use Social media as author’s platform.

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Blogging series #2 : How to set up author blog – ABOUT ME

Hello blogger fam, hope you have enjoyed my previous post Why do we need an author blog .

Today let’s talk about how to set up an author blog, since you are already on wordpress so it is quite useless to talk about the technical aspects of how to create a blog, if you are not on wordpress than I will write another post about how to create a blog (technical stuff) on various platforms like wordpress and blogspot.

Let’s jump on to what should an author blog must have.

I think an author blog must contain the following pages:-

1. A brief About me page.

2. Contact Information.

3. List of published book/Ebooks/Novels with the links where people can buy those.

4. List of awards/recognitions (if any)

5. Frequent Blog posts.

6. Social media links.

Today let’s discuss about the first thing, the “About Me” page.

We often do not give much importance to the About me page and all our concentration is focused on content, but I think the About me page tells a lot about you and your blog. It’s a great help to a new visitor to know what he or she should expect from your blog. Some people prefer a very detailed and lengthy “About Me” page but I think Shakespeare was right when he said “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Our lives are not slow anymore, now work is more and time is less, it’s the age of Bullet trains and fastfood. No one really likes to read a very long page about someone else’s life until and unless you are something very big and rich. So I would suggest that write it in brief, appropriate words when put in an appropriate manner can express the depth of the ocean, just tell a little about yourself, where you are born, your education and most importantly what’s your blog is all about, if you are an unpublished author then you must let your audience know about your genre and anything about your upcoming novel, any award, recognition that you have got, any published story or poem on magazines, news paper or ebook.

A picture tells a thousand words, we all love pictures, they attract our eyes. So if you are having no issues to put some of your personal photos, like one portrait shot, a couple of pictures from your school days or pictures of your childhood, then it is a good idea to give your readers an idea about your personal life.


I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading, next post will be on Contact and Content.

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Blogging series #1 : Why do we need an author blog?

Hola Amigos!

I hope all of you are doing well. Autumn is making you happy as it makes me happy, anyways let’s talk business, if you are an unpublished author or even a published author then buddy you need an author’s blog.

What’s an author blog?

Before knowing this, let’s start with what is a blog? A blog is simply a site or page where you and me put our thoughts, share our ideas, a blog is way better than a static website, it is more alive than a static website where people can find everything about you yet it is not updated every day or week, on the other hand in case of a blog, you are putting your ideas, sharing your thoughts very often so it keeps the audience engaged.

An author blog is simply a blog but in which the content is about your work, your books, ideas, skills of writing, in a broad sense it is about all sorts of things related to writing.

But here we can also differentiate, some blogs are reader blogs, for example those who put book reviews, they read and put their views about someone’s else’s work. Those can also be author’s blog as they may put their own writing or share how they write their own books.

Benefits of having author blog :-

1. An author blog is a flag, your mark in the huge community of writer.

2. It is a place, a single point where your readers can find everything about you, contacts, your genre, all your previous and upcoming works, about your thoughts on different issues, and that too, very often. It helps you to establish a bonding between you and your readers.

3. The statistics, it is very important and helpful. Whenever you are putting any content, the statistic of that content can actually help you to figure out if your readers are interested in that particular topic/genre or style of writing.

4. If you are an unpublished writer, having an already established platform and audience is a big deal. It may benefit you in your book marketing and reaching out more people once you publish your first book/novel.

5. Is this a necessity to have an author blog ? No, not at all. But having an author blog is not at all a bad idea too, now a days it’s super easy to have a blog, buy a domain and hosting by paying a few bucks, or one can use free blogs, wordpress, blogspots offere free blogs.


I hope you enjoyed this post, Thank you for reading, next post will be about How to set up an author blog.

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Master and disciple were heading towards the city, crossing vast deserted fields, dried, with no trace of vegetation or man. The disciple found a human skull, brought that into his master’s notice. The master took it in his hands, looked at it with careful eyes, after a while the master with a grimace face uttered “dead yet sufferings are not ended”. Master continued his walk, disciple followed. He was confused, “How my master can make such a statement, that appears illogical,”. He thought.

Soon, they saw a few horse men were approaching, , riding their horses, the horses crossed both of them, disciple looked back and saw one horse stepped on the skull, crushed it into pieces.



All rights reserved.

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Pain of Love

The pain of love,

How can I define,

Living together,

Yet alone, with each other.

How can I define,

Hope that leads to,

Giving another try,

Hope is good,

Gives the courage to fight,

It has a bad side,

Keeps man fighting,

In a lost war.

How can I define,

The pain and sorrow,

Those are killing me,

Eating my soul,

Thoughts of loss,

Covering me whole.



All rights reserved.

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