Poetry : Rule of their world

Six newborns.

Five died in cruel cold.

She was devastated.

That ugly morning, the mother.

She couldn’t speak or understand,

Languages of men.

Few days later,

She was playing,

With the one that left behind.

A white car didn’t care,

His blood spread over the street,

She was confused, couldn’t understand,

What happened to her child.

He wasn’t moving,

Why all these men were around.

She rushed to him, sniffed his nose

Licked his face, again and again.

Couldn’t ask what’s wrong,

Her mouth was shut,

But her eyes held tears.

After a while,

All men disappeared,

The body of her child,

Was abandoned by mankind.

She took him up,

Help him in her mouth,

Carried to the corner,

Set beneath the tree.

She was with him for the whole night,

Tried to move him till the sunrise,

A child died but mother’s hope was alive.

Few men tried to take his body,

They cared about smell of rotten flesh,

But not a mother’s grief.

She resisted them,

Like every mother on earth.

Doesn’t matter,

Humans or dogs.

Mother is mother,

Can give and take life for her child.

She wept,

Started to eat,

She couldn’t speak,

It was definitely difficult,

To hide him in her womb again.

This is the story of a stray dog, who’s children died, and it was her reaction when the last one was hit by a car while playing, unfortunately that one also died. She couldn’t say anything but I could feel her words and emotions while standing nearby.


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I saw a girl at the park

Why did you yell at her, at the park?

I could see the bruises and marks.

Why did you call her names?

Said she was playing games.

Why did you hold her arm so tight?

She was too weak to fight.

Sacrificed her laughter and right,

In front of your insane might.

Why did you yell because what she wears?

You have no right to give her scars.

I could see a drop of tear,

Do you love her or wanted to put on fear.

Born as male, now grow up as a man.

Don’t act like being born without a brain.


Mental and physical abuse are nefarious acts, everyone has the liberty to live as they want, eat whatever they want and wear whatever they like to wear, no one has the right to control another, this poem is dedicated to a girl whom I saw once, her boyfriend was scolding her for the dress she was wearing. Albeit I have used the word “man” in the last line, but beyond gender, men and women both are victims of mental abuse.


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