Thoughts : Death

Death, the only certainty that exists in life. Probably we are the only species which knows life is not everlasting, yet somehow we manage to forget that one fine day it’s going to end abruptly. Death isn’t ugly, in fact it motivates us to be fast, finish before the true deadline.

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Thoughts : Love

Among all the causes of grief, love is the most widespread, sometimes it is because someone doesn’t love us, sometimes because they left, sometimes the love once felt died a silent death. The man feels he has more love to give all the other women he secretly admires but he has unseen boundaries, the woman feels her bright future, the dreams once she had, are defeated in the fight with obligations towards her husband and children.

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Who am I ??

Who am I ?

Fraction of the whole.

What am I made of ?

Soil, Water, Ether, Wind and Fire,

Destined to return into the same.

What is my purpose?

The purpose of men is,

To meet the maker.

What stops me?

The sins of men,

My ego, my pride,

My arrogance and greed,

Lust and joy of my senses.

What I get?

Sorrows and pain,

Failures and sufferings.

What should I do?

Love the world,

Feel the sorrows of others,

Have comparison and mercy,

Forgive and forget,

The wrong and wrong doer.



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We could have solution

We took a vow,

Only death could set us apart.

We are still alive,

The vow have died.

The cover of my pillow,

Knows tales of sorrow.

I tried every today,

In the hope of a better tomorrow.

The paints on the walls,

Are decaying as Uranium.

The Goldfish you brought,

Is lonely in aquarium.

Every bone in my body,

Knows the pain of emotions.

My dear friend, if we had tried,

We could have a solution.



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