How to stop Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time, it is really good to dream but it’s not sufficient to keep dreaming only. One needs to wake up and work hard to make the dreams turn into reality. Before trying to stop procrastination the most important thing is to know the root cause of procrastination. People often procrastinate and later when they have no time to complete their work by the deadline, they start working for long hours, so they can’t be called lazy, some peoples claims they work best under pressure. Okay fine! But what if at the last moment you fall sick or get some unavoidable work to do!!

The first cause of procrastination in many cases is getting busy into unnecessary things, for example chatting on internet, seeing videos on youtube, checking photos on instagram, many time you might have experieced that you log in to social media sites and keep browsing for long time without any necessity, you keep looking at pictures, stories which are less important than your project or homework any other stuff. Even if you yourself know that you should log out and do your important work but still you can’t leave these sites.

Secondly, it’s about being perfect, many people before starting a work thinks like it must be very perfect, they need more time to think, more time to prepare, once they’re ready they think still more preparation will make their project perfect, in this way they loss all the valuable time, by thinking rather than acting on the work they’re wanting to do.

Third, some peoples dream alot, before starting a work they start thinking about the good or bad results, how they’ll if the outcome is in their favor or against them. For example days before going for an interview, some peoples starts imagining themselves sitting in front of the peoples who will take the interview, what clothes they should wear, how they should sit, what if they get selected, how their future lifestyle will be. By residing in a imaginary world they kills the iimportant time.

How to stop ????

The first step to avoid procrastination is to give priority to work, if the unnecessary things are so important for you then do it first, get exhausted by doing it, when you’re done start focusing on your work, or give priority to your work, tell yourself that you need to do your work first because it will decide your future, than do all the unnecessary stuffs.

Second, start the work, without thinking anything about perfection, how can you be perfect in a work that you’ve not started yet. So start! Once you start the work will motivate you to do more.

Third, do not dream of anything, just be in the present, at present what you’ve gotten is the time to work, the results good or bad lies in the future, no one is going to hire you because you’re wearing a pretty shirt and your lifestyle can not be good until you succeed, and for this you need to work rather than dreaming.

Fourth, take a pen and paper, write down 5 positive thing that you’ll get after ccompleting your work, whether it is the salary, promotion, success in examination, getting a new job, write it down, and read it every time you feel distracted from your goal.

Fifth, and the most important Work hard until you complete your work!!

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