It took years to

Put each brick,

You burnt them so quick.

Perhaps if you could

Build a home,

You would know the pain,

While destroying dreams !

©Jay Yadav

All rights reserved

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I was very proud

So, I was looking at the sky,

The vast blue sky.

And i heard, although never seen,

I saw on television,

How vast the world beyond,

The curtain, appears as sky.

Yesterday, I was very proud,

And boastful I was !

Of my possessions, gold,

And dollar bills,

My house and cars,

White collar job and

The beautiful woman,

Who claims to love,

Expansive watches and wine.

Today, I am feeling,

Tiny in the whole,

Like an ant dwelling,

On a mountain of wheat,

Carrying one grain,

Thinking it is everything.

©Jay Yadav

All rights reserved

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I am a man

I can’t cry,

I have been told,

“Men don’t cry”.

I can’t feel depressed,

Can’t feel weak,

As I have been told,

It goes against how I should act,

Even if she cheats,

Her friends says,

“All men are the same”.

If I don’t drink or smoke,

My friends call me pussy,

If I listen to my Mom,

My girl calls “mama’s boy”,

If I listen to my her,

Mother says “I am gone”.

If I talk to every girl,

I am a playboy,

If she texts other men,

I am possessive and mean.

I work hard, sleep less,

These days, I don’t get grouchy,

Over food, I stopped demanding,

I can’t blame,

Have to pretend, I am strong,

I am a man.

This piece of shit is dedicated to all my fellow men..

Happy International men’s day

2019©Jay Yadav

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I should hate you

I should hate you,

But, I can’t.

I did everything to have you,

But you died.

When I met you I knew,

I want you not rest of the world.

I can’t live without you,

If you leave, I’d die.

But one day you died in my arms,

Left me alone in this big world.

I should hate you,

But, I can’t.