Herb that helps reducing anxiety

Hey folks, hope all of you are doing well. I talk a lot about anxiety, phobias, self-help, today’s article is about some herbs that helps reduce anxiety and depression. Ayurveda, as you know, is about ancient Indian medicines, or more precisely herbs. The Atharva Veda, which is one of the Vedas, talks about ayurveda. In […]

I feel anxious in parties !!!!

Hola Amigos!! Hope all of you are doing well. I talk a lot about phobias and mental health, today’s article is also about a very common phobia, Social Anxiety Disorder. Do you feel uncomfortable while doing a presentation in front of your boss and colleagues or in front of your fellow students in your university, […]

Deep relaxation through breathe controlling

Herbert Benson in 1975 described the physiological state, known as “Deep relaxation”. Deep relaxation is a state in which our body responds exactly opposite when it experiences stress, it is marked by a drop in blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, etc. Sitting in front of TV and watching favourite shows or sleeping is one […]

Add Vitamins to subtract stress

We all are aware of how nutrient deficiency have a negative impact on our physical health, but these nutrient deficiency also impacts our mental health. Depression and anxiety are the most common form of mental disturbance, scientific researchers have found that people suffering from anxiety and depression have deficiency of various vitamins in their bodies. […]

Less Coffee Less Stress

Who doesn’t like coffee or tea. A cup of hot coffee after hours of work in the office or during long night study is very much relaxing, this may give relaxation for the moment but slowly and gradually it turns into a habit, when the limit increases, the stress and anxiety also increases. Among all […]

Adopting a vegan diet helped reducing my anxiety

I used to take a lot of animal protein in the form of meat, eggs, milk, sugar etc and used to feel anxious, stressed, sometimes very lazy, but since I started to take only vegetables, it helped me a lot in managing my anxiety and stress. Are you an omnivorous like I was? Do you […]

Why talking about mental health is still a taboo

Hi, I talk a lot about mind, anxiety and self confidence, couple of days ago there was an incident of suicide which have attracted a lot of attention. Suicides are a reflection of poor mental health, many people argue over this issue, gives various causes of poor mental health, for example social isolation, discriminations, illiteracy […]

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