10 Six Words Stories


He was sitting in the waiting room with his six year old niece, waiting for their train, The cold made that night silent enough although there was continuous motions of trains. There were not many passangers in that waiting room, perhaps the cold filled peoples with laziness and no will to sacrifice the comfort of warm bed and blankets for the sake of travel.

“Trains are never on time in this country”, he heard a lady’s voice and turned his eyes towards the door to find who was getting irritated by this universal truth, that is prevailing for years now, trains are always late.

There she was, following her was her brother, she sat down on a plastic chair in the right corner of that silent waiting room and her brother on her right side.

He began to feel uncomfortable by her presence, his mind went twelve years back, the day when she finally went out of house.

She could wait, she could give him some time to achieve his dreams, his goals in life, he was not prepared for marriage at that point of life, he convinced himself once again, although a decade later.

Suddenly her eyes found him, sitting at another corner opposite to her, “oh god” her heart began to jog, “why this man is here, why do I have to see this man again whom I hate the most” she said to herself being irritated, first by cold and then by his presence.

Last thing he heard about her was she got married, most probably it was her husband, he thought. Restless, he was praying for the train to arrive as soon as possible.

“Oh, he is married and have a daughter, she got her looks from him”, she was telling herself why trying to pretend that she had not noticed him yet.

“Please pay attention, Train number 12353 UP Howrah to Bengaluru Humsafar Express is standing at platform number 8”, it was his train, he grabbed his niece on one hand, trolley on the other and walked out of the door of that silent waiting room with a smile on his face for she is happy and married, she looked at his niece and was happy, knowing that he was happily married having child.


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