Who is a good king – A lesson from Idiot box

Mahabharata is an epic belonging to Hindu mythology. There were many TV series based on this epic. The first TV series based on the epic Mahabharata was aired on DD national on 2nd October 1988.

If I say it was just a TV series, I will perhaps do injustice to the makers of that TV series based on the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is not just an epic or TV series but an emotion. Billions of hearts are attached to this holy book as well as the serials based on Mahabharata.

When I was a child, we used to watch this serial Mahabharata, televisions were not a very common electronic item during those days, but fortunately my family had that second hand fourteen inch blank & white television. All our neighbors used to fill every space of our small hall room. The furniture made of cane, which my aunty used to call sofa, the carpet and even the floor everywhere someone would occupy as soon as the hands of the clock touched 10 am. During those days homes were small but hearts were big. There was one TV channel but hundreds of viewers, the idiot box was not idiot like it is today.

One of the shows from that serial and the lesson I have learnt from that episode is still imprinted in my mind.

Mahabharata is a tale of two royal families, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, the battle between the righteous and sinners, The God and evils. Pandavas were five brothers, the sons of king Paandu. Yudhisthira, Arjuna, Bheem, Nakul and Sahadeva.

All princes had to go to Gurukul (Ancient schools) to learn various subjects. Once their master called upon all the five pandavas, showed them a bird on one of the branches of a tree, the master first called upon Yudhirstir and asked him to take the bow and arrow and shoot the bird with his arrow. As Yudhisthira following his master’s order took the bow and arrow and aimed at the bird, the master asked what are the things that are appearing in Yudhisthira’s view. Yudhirsthira replied the tree, it’s leaves, the bird, it’s eggs, the ants on the surface, roots and branches of the tree, if he shoot the bird, the bird will die, the chicks will loss their mother, the ants may also die if the branch of the tree falls.

The master then called upon Arjuna and asked him the same question, Arjuna said he can only see the bird’s eye. The master told Yudhirsthira may become a king and Arjuna a great warrior.

A good administrator or a king must think about all of his subjects or citizens, for the betterment of one section of society the other should not suffer. An administrator must have a wide view and open mind, he should consider everything before taking any decision because one decision may appear good for one but may make others life miserable.

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Are we serious about Coronavirus

Hey folks. Hope all of you are doing well and not getting bored of quarantine.

COVID-19 or the novel SARS- CoV-2 Coronavirus pandemic is causing devastation all over the globe. As I am writing this article, 343,414 confirmed Coronavirus positive cases and 14,776 deaths are registered worldwide with Italy being the country suffering the worst impact of this COVID-19 with 14,776 positive cases and 5,476 deaths. In India, the number of COVID-19 positive patients is 415 till date.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause illnesses ranging widely in severity. The first known severe illness caused by Coronavirus emerged in 2003, SARS ( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ) epidemic in China. A second outbreak of severe illness began in 2012 in Saudi Arabia with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). On December 31, 2019, an outbreak of a novel strain of Coronavirus was reported to WHO (World Health Organization) by the Chinese officials which was named SARS-CoV-2.

The world leaders, doctors, cleaning staffs all over the world are doing their best to serve and protect humanity, recently we have witnessed a lovely gesture by the people of Italy expressing their gratitude towards the doctors and medical personnel, they stood in their balconies and clapped to express their respect and gratitude for the unsung heroes who are risking their life, sacrificing their sleep and suppers to protect us.

In India, the situation is not worse yet as compared to Italy, we are at the second stage of this COVID-19, as told by many health officials. From here begins the third stage where there may be community transmission of this virus and to prevent that we need to maintain social distancing.

The government, civic bodies, news channels all are appealing to people not to go out of their house unless there is any unavoidable condition and to maintain social distance as well as personal hygiene.

The honorable Prime minister of India appealed to the nation to follow a very noble idea “Janta Curfew” (Curfew by people). By staying at home from 7am to 9pm on 22nd March and applauding for the doctors and health officials from our the balconies for five minutes at 5pm, almost the entire nation followed the words of the honorable Prime minister and stayed at home till 5pm and later, at 5pm most of the peoples applauded for the heroes in white coats, the saviors of society, the doctors. But at some places the scenery was different, groups of peoples gathered and began to beat utensils, drums, at some places there were rallies in support of this self imposed curfew whose main purpose was to keep peoples isolated, children, adults and elderly peoples irrespective of their gender, caste or creed came out of their home gathered in public places with slogans coming out of their mouth, the energy was very high.

A fake news circulating over Whatsapp

But, did they forget the main purpose of this self imposed Janta Curfew, the curfew was planned to keep peoples at home, maintain social distance for a while as CoV-2 virus transmit from human to human but deviating from this purpose some peoples conducted mass gathering.

Who is responsible for such acts which can lead to vast and rapid spread of this virus which has already killed thousands of peoples all over the goble, is this the lack of information, awareness or the widespread fake information via social media sites and Whatsapp. There were rumors like the CoV-2 virus dies in twelve hours and the duration of self imposed Janata Curfew will be fourteen hours, hence by the time the Janta Curfew will end the Virus will be dead. Some celebrities even came forward with videos supporting such scientifically unproven theories.

According to the research available till date on SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, the lifetime of CoV-2 varies on different surfaces, from 2-3 hours in the air upto 2-3 days on some surfaces.

Doctors and health officials have been fighting with this SARS-Cov2 Coronavirus outbreak for months all over the world, they deserve appreciation but is clapping or beating utensils and burning fire crackers, conducting rallies or mass gathering, enough to convey our gratitude to them? Or we really should think about their safety, if there are enough resources available for them to conduct their work, if there are enough numbers of doctors, test kits, ventilators,hospitals, masks and gloves as well as quarantine facilities so that they doctors can save more lives and they themselves can stay safe from this virus. The question is will your doctor be happy seeing you be part of any gathering while the doctors are again and again asking peoples to maintain social distance. And if you come out of home and touch hundreds of people, burn firecrackers together then what was the purpose of your self isolation for a few hours during the Jana Curfew before 5pm. Was the purpose served or we need to be more serious and sensitive about this deadly Virus.

SARS – CoV-2 Coronavirus have already killed thousands of peoples, this Virus has spread through the entire globe, what makes it more dangerous is there are no cure till date for this Virus. Coronavirus is neither a joke nor a meme material for social media, it’s a silent death hunting for us on the streets, once it goes into human body it makes that human body a carrier of this Virus, since there is no clinically proven medicine for this Virus so the only way to defeat this Virus is to escape from this, not let it get into our bodies, and for that social distancing and personal hygiene are much needed tasks at this present moment of time. Celebrating , worshipping or shouting slogans will not make the Virus to turn it’s back at us, this is a Virus which does not know discrimination based on caste, religion or race, which does not know any language and does not care about how do we worship this Virus and offer Kheer Puri (dessert). This is death which has already killed many.

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Are we invincible

In the history of Earth, numerous times nature has pressed the reset button, from Trilobites dwelling on the Cambrian ocean floors more than five hundred million years back to the mighty Dinosaurs whose footsteps once made the Earth to tremble, all had to accepts nature’s wish. Nature has eliminated those who did not fit in her system.

Men are the supreme creature among all because men have a developed brain, men have established their regime on the surface of mother Earth, in the vast blue oceans, in the limitless sky and beyond.

But does this supremacy allow men to go against the wishes of nature, take forcefully everything from nature while the kind mother herself gives us whatever we need. Does our supremacy mean we are invincible, we can destroy the lives and habitat of other organisms.

Or in this way we are just creating an imbalance in nature’s system, digging our own grave.

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I was very proud

So, I was looking at the sky,

The vast blue sky.

And i heard, although never seen,

I saw on television,

How vast the world beyond,

The curtain, appears as sky.

Yesterday, I was very proud,

And boastful I was !

Of my possessions, gold,

And dollar bills,

My house and cars,

White collar job and

The beautiful woman,

Who claims to love,

Expansive watches and wine.

Today, I am feeling,

Tiny in the whole,

Like an ant dwelling,

On a mountain of wheat,

Carrying one grain,

Thinking it is everything.

©Jay Yadav

All rights reserved

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