This poem is dedicated to one of my uncle who got retired from service today and to all of you folks who have been serving somewhere on this planet to buy happiness and laughter and every bit of comfort for your family……… Huge respect to every single drop of your sweat..!!!


The day an entire journey ends.


When those kids at office,

Who were once anxious,

Of how would you react to their work,

Brings you flower and says,

“Old man, you gotta relax !”

Let us take the baton,

And let you free,

In this relay race.


The day when,

All the bittersweet memories,

Goes into a flashback,

Some passengers,

Lost in the peregrination of time,


At the back drop of mind.

First boss, first salary,

The very first gift for mother,

Her happiness,

Those rolled down on her cheek,

As tears,

The first gift for beloved,

Whose trust got firm,

That her dad won’t doubt.

She had not chosen glass,

Trading diamond in life,

Everything appears alive.


A day, just a day,

Like every other,

As man never gets retire.

A journey ends,

For the sake of,

Commencement of another,


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