Leaving home

I didn’t know

How to put jam on my toasts.

I didn’t know,

How to tie the lace of shoes,

I was twenty two,

Still my momma’s baby boy.

My father,

Pushed me out of the door,

Said , I am old enough,

To find my path.

But, my steps returned home.

He pushed me again and again,

Everytime, I felt

Shackles on my feet,

pulled me to my home,

Because, there was my mom.

One night the thunder broke,

The sky began to cry,

My momma slept,

Never to wake up again,

I wept so loud,

With silence on my mouth.

Me and dad bid her adieu,

“Here lies my loving mother”,

I wrote on her tombstone.

Dad pushed me again,

Out of the door,

This time,

My feet felt no restrain,

They steped foward,

Never to return again.

2019©Jay yadav

All rights reserved.

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