Pros and Cons of Self-publishing

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Folks, many of us,after blogging for years plans to write books, many among us even start a blog because in future they want to publish their book, whether it’s a book about their subject or novel or even blogging it self.

Writing is not at all an easy task, if you are a writer than you are well aware of the fact that writing is something very difficult and it takes a lot of time to write enough words to transform those in a book or novel. But after so much hard work if our work is not published than all the hard work goes in vein, more over after publishing if the readers do not buy it then there’s no use of writing.

The first step is writing but getting published in the first aim. There are mainly two kinds of publishing, one traditional publishing another self publishing. I am talking about paperback only, not Ebooks. Let’s talk about Self publishing first, as it is more easier and quicker.

What is Self publishing ?

Self-Publishing is publishing your book by paying an amount to the publishing agency.

How much money it may take?

The amount of money one needs to pay to the agency varies from agency to agency, most agencies have packages, for example premium, lite, plus etc etc (varies from publisher to publisher). They may charge anything between 20K to 50K or more,(Indian Rupees) depending upon the services they are providing in addition to publishing, for example, ISBN and copyright registration, making books available on leading online shopping platform etc.

Pros and Cons :

As I always say, every coin has two sides, things having advantages also have disadvantages. Let’s talk about the advantages first.

1. Self-Publishing is easy, although it needs money to pay but self publishing gives you the independence to manage your book the way you want.

2. In traditional publishing once you submit the manuscript, the review committee review your work and then if the like it they publish it, it takes a longer time in comparison to self-publishing, in case of self- publishing it takes a couple of weeks with most of the publishers.

3. In traditional publishing sometimes the publisher may ask you to change the plot or sequence of chapters, in self-publishing it’s all your wish.

4. In self-publishing you can choose the cover design, you can even hire your own cover designer.

5. In traditional publishing, the publisher set the price of your book. In the case of self-publishing, you set the price of your book.

Now let’s see the disadvantages.

1. The most important disadvantage that I feel in case of self-publishing is Book marketing, you yourself will have to market your book.

2. Traditional publishers like Penguin Publishers and many like them have a wide reach, their books are available in many stores, so here it’s a disadvantage in self publishing, the publishing agency may market your books on online platforms and some book stores but their reach is not as large as traditional publishers.

3. Another thing is book promotion. In self-publishing you have to promote your book, a few publishers helps in promoting your book but most of the time you yourself will have to manage your book.

These are some Pros and Cons of self-publishing your book. If you are in a hurry and have enough time as well as skills to manage your book’s marketing and sales then self-publishing is a good option in my opinion.

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