Blogging Series #4 : Social Media

Hello blogger community, Guess all of you are having a good weekend.

I hope you have enjoyed my previous posts about creating an author blog, if you have not read yet then Click here.

Let’s talk about how Social media can be used as author’s platform.

We all know the power of social media, if you are a blogger and have no social media links on your blog or blog posts or no links of your blog on your social media pages /accounts, more likely you’ll end up with less traffic to your blog. So, the first and most important thing you gotta do is to link your blog to your social media accounts, you can either connect them by going to your WIDGET settings or leave the links to your social media pages in each and every post.

Among all the social media platforms, most of the people use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let’s concentrate on these three most commonly used platforms.

Facebook : More than half of the world is available on Facebook, if you are a blogger and most specifically an author, you can create a Facebook page for promoting your blog. But, my personal experience with Facebook is not very nice, on Facebook not a lot of people click on the links to blog posts, on the other hand if it is a photo or quote written on a photo, more people get engaged with that, remember that’s my personal experience.

Twitter : I find Twitter more useful for bloggers, we can share our links directly and tag people/communities who/which our post is targeting, in my personal experience Twitter is an amazing platform for bloggers and authors, I will suggest you to create a Twitter account if you have not created one yet. You can directly add your Twitter account to your blog by going to the Widgets settings.

Instagram : Most amazing and rapidly growing platform. People love graphics, a beautiful picture attracts more attention than a page full of words. For bloggers and as I am talking about author blog, for authors it’s a great platform. Writing short poems or a few meaningful lines, expressing our ideas into briefly on a photo and sharing this seems really cool. I personally do that. More over posting short videos of you reciting poems is also a good idea if you are a newbie author, food blogger, travel bloggers, lifestyle or any other niche, Instagram is a great help to generate more followers and traffic.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.

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