Blogging series #3 : Contact and Content

Hi, folks. Hope you’ve found my previous posts about how to set up author blog useful, if you haven’t read yet then Click Here.

Today let’s talk about Contact & Content in your author blog.

Contact :- I guess many of us pays a serious attention on the contact page, but it is the door for your readers and people’s interested in your content to get in touch with you. Especially if you are an author, this is important, not only for your blog but for your business, the publishers or people who want to get engaged in serious business with you will more likely be wanting to get in touch with you via Email. So, it’s a better idea to put your Email id on the contact page.

Another important thing that I personally feel, is creating a brand email id, it maybe similar to your blog name. If you are an author, “author”, “writer” or some kind of creativity in your email id name seems very cool. This Email id should only be used for business purpose.

Content :- Content is the king, if everything is good, attractive, the graphics are amazing but content is poor, hardly a lot of people will follow, so much emphasis should be given on content, as I am talking about author blog, so the content should be somehow related to writing, novels, literature, but more importantly the blog is your flag among thousands of other authors, so regular updates about your ongoing writing projects like novels or poetry book, your writing practices, skills that you want to share with new writers, information about ongoing writing competitions in which the new writers can participate, some posts about your writings or poetry (those for which you hold the copyright), your travel, posts about other authors whose work you admire, or authors, whose work can be beneficial to new writers, book marketing, traditional and self publishing tips etc. If you are a new author and want to put your work in front of others but have no copyright than I think it’s better not to share the whole work but a small of it. Maybe a few pages or a chapter from your novel or a few poems. Sharing events of your personal life and expressing it in a literary way also helps people to know more about you and your literary skills simultaneously.

So, that’s all I wanted to share with you. It’s my views and can differ from many others.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.

Next post will be about How to use Social media as author’s platform.

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