Blogging series #1 : Why do we need an author blog?

Hola Amigos!

I hope all of you are doing well. Autumn is making you happy as it makes me happy, anyways let’s talk business, if you are an unpublished author or even a published author then buddy you need an author’s blog.

What’s an author blog?

Before knowing this, let’s start with what is a blog? A blog is simply a site or page where you and me put our thoughts, share our ideas, a blog is way better than a static website, it is more alive than a static website where people can find everything about you yet it is not updated every day or week, on the other hand in case of a blog, you are putting your ideas, sharing your thoughts very often so it keeps the audience engaged.

An author blog is simply a blog but in which the content is about your work, your books, ideas, skills of writing, in a broad sense it is about all sorts of things related to writing.

But here we can also differentiate, some blogs are reader blogs, for example those who put book reviews, they read and put their views about someone’s else’s work. Those can also be author’s blog as they may put their own writing or share how they write their own books.

Benefits of having author blog :-

1. An author blog is a flag, your mark in the huge community of writer.

2. It is a place, a single point where your readers can find everything about you, contacts, your genre, all your previous and upcoming works, about your thoughts on different issues, and that too, very often. It helps you to establish a bonding between you and your readers.

3. The statistics, it is very important and helpful. Whenever you are putting any content, the statistic of that content can actually help you to figure out if your readers are interested in that particular topic/genre or style of writing.

4. If you are an unpublished writer, having an already established platform and audience is a big deal. It may benefit you in your book marketing and reaching out more people once you publish your first book/novel.

5. Is this a necessity to have an author blog ? No, not at all. But having an author blog is not at all a bad idea too, now a days it’s super easy to have a blog, buy a domain and hosting by paying a few bucks, or one can use free blogs, wordpress, blogspots offere free blogs.


I hope you enjoyed this post, Thank you for reading, next post will be about How to set up an author blog.

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