Nominated for Liebster award.. YAY !!

Hi folks, I was nominated by Motivational Diaries for the Liebster Award. I am very thankful to the her for nominating me for this award, thank you for following my blog and reading my post.

Rules for the award

  • Nominated blogger has to convey thanks to the person who has nominated him/her.
  • Have to answer 11 questions asked by the person who has nominated him/her.
  • The nominated blogger has to nominate other bloggers.
  • The nominated blogger has to prepare his/her 11 questions and ask those to the people he/she nominates.

Let’s jump on the questions asked to me by Motivational Diaries.

1. If you could get rid of one thing in this world may it be anything, what it would be ?

Umm..I am a man of vices, so there are so many bad habits I have, I would try to get rid of junk foods first.

2. Imagine you’ve to take a very crucial decision, to whom you will listen to your heart or mind?

Of course, my mind, heart has no place for logic. LOL.

3. How will you look upon the concept of feminism, is it really worth it.

Of course it is worthy, but every coin has two sides, like this feminism also have a negative side, I think true feminism and musculinity should come after being honest, kind and compassionate.

4. Who is the best person you have ever met in your life may it be on the internet or in real life.

That tricky, because there are so many people I have met in the past, I am connected to at present and will surely meet before my last breath. All of them was, is and will be best.

5. What should be our first priority in life?

I think, moral education is the need at this moment.

6. What advice you can give to new bloggers like me ?

To be honest, I myself is a new blogger, if i give advice then it may sound exaggerated. So I would like to share my experience, I started blogging in 2017, first I blogged about Astrology, after a few days I realized it’s not my niche, I love traveling so I started traveling blogging, later I found that it is really not what I want, I want to share my writings, ideas and help new writers in any way I can. So I have started sharing my creative writing. I guess as a new blogger one must choose the niche very carefully or you may lose valuable time and audience, another thing is to be consistent.

7. Which is your favorite emoji?

8. Do you believe in the concept of love at first sight ?

Yeah, I do believe in love at first sight. It happens.

9. Favorite movie ?

Ah..there are so many, I think the Shawshank redemption.

10. If you get special powers for one day what will you do with them?

I will try to stop human trafficking fisrt, build homes for homeless peoples and create some means of income for peoples whom we label as “Poor”.

11. Your favorite season?

It’s Autumn. I love it.

Here are my nominees……


The 3H

traveller with purpose


Inspirational Poems

weird chick chronicles

The list is long..

Here are my questions..

1. What or who is the person you think you will be devastated without?

2.How did you start blogging?

3. Favorite food?

4. Besides blogging what work you do ( student/job) ?

5. Do you believe that Ghosts exist?

6. How many members you have in your family?

7. Do you practice meditation ?

8. Are you concerned about water crisis? If yes than what measures you are taking to save water? It may be a very small step.

9. Do you think moral education should be taught along with academic in our schools ?

10. If you become the prime minister or president of your country for a day, what changes will you bring ?

11. Favorite song ?

Thank you very much for reading this post.

Love you all…


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  1. Congratulations on your award Jay, and thank you for your kind nomination of my blog. I really do appreciate it, however I have previously chosen not to take part in these blog awards. I wish you continued success with your blog and send you Blessings of Love & Light. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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