Page from my book : Part of me

A part of me, resides in you.

The thoughts of being apart,

Shakes my world,

Makes my vision blurred,

Take away a breathe from me.

We never said “I love you”,

Yet it’s beautiful to love in silence.

The uncertainty of the future,

Aches my heart.

I feel heat inside,

Anxiety and fatigue,

When I think of life,

Without you, I’m a defeated warrior.

When you’re with me, I wish the time to freeze,

When one longs for something,

With no hope to get it,

Every second runs quick.

It’s wise to live in the present,

Men plans, God laughs,

But the thoughts of future,

Is in men’s nature.

Tomorrow we may no longer,

Be the same,

You may walk on the aisle,

To hold another hand.

I may find another,

Not at all like you,

Life will go on,

As it has to be.

The love will remain unspoken,

But decades from now,

A part of me,

Will reside in you.

Or things may take a turn,

We may end up, loving in quite,

Tying knots,

Those are already tied.

Grow old together,

Laid side by side in the graveyard,

No one will remember

Who we were.

Bodies will be eaten by worms,

Bones will decay,

The heart, in which you reside,

Will be lost in sand.

Still, a part of me,

Will reside in you.



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