How to forget someone

Hi guys, guess you all are having a Sunday blast. Some of you maybe sitting at home being depressed about the last relationship you had or someone who is being the cause of your sadness.

Many times, unfortunately we come in contact with people who at first seems good, loving and caring but then when we start to be closer with them, feel affectionate and tries to establish a bond, suddenly they start to show no more interest. Sometimes we misjudge someone’s affections and closeness as a sign of commitment or sometimes they play their natural game without being concerned about the consquences of their actions and how this will affect us. Truly that hurts, whoever it is, a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or colleague.Relationships hurts, not because the person is being mean to us or we misjudge but because when we are with someone, in any kind of relationship, we store enormous volume of memories, if it is a romantic relationship then it’s worse than ever.We don’t get sad because the person is not with us or gives us the same values that we are expecting or offer to them. But it is because we are not able to find the right way to erase the memories and our ego does not let us accept the fact that the person who has been treating us low or being mean is not going to change their attitude.

How to deal with this ?????

  • The very first thing is, simply we can not forget people or their actions, in the same way that we can not forget many other things in life. So, the best way is to accept that the person is no longer with you, and his/her attitude towards you will never get changed.
  • The second thing is, be on a destructive mode, not self-destruction but destroy every piece of shit that is connected with the person. Start with cleaning chats, SMS, emails, gifts, and at last phone number. Don’t write the number anywhere, do not cheat your own self.
  • Stop talking to those people who can bring any topic related to that person who is causing you discomfort. If you’re in college or office it will definitely be a huge problem, in this case tell all the people who can bring any topic related to that person, you are not interested to listen. If they really care they will understand if not then you must not care about them.
  • Restrain yourself from being in any kind of communication with the person who is causing you this anxiety. Just know that sometimes it is all about you, you have to love yourself. At least maintain NO CONTACT for 3 to 4 months.
  • Go for a solo trip, meet new peoples, see new places, spend time with family, concentrate on work and money making, and most important, give less time to your phone, more to the real peoples surrounding you.

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