What is behind thoughts

We are very much concerned about thoughts, very often we say that we thought this we thought that, but we are least bothered about the thing behind the thoughts, do thoughts arises from nowhere? Or is there something behind it, what is the reason behind having thoughts? A few weeks ago I was having these questions in my mind which led me to know something.

There are many concepts of thoughts and actions in psychology, but in an ancient Hindu book, I found something very amazing. The sage was saying that there is a cycle consisting of our actions, thoughts and tendencies. From tendencies arises thoughts, thoughts result into actions and when we perform the actions the tendencies become more stronger which makes the thoughts to appear more often.

Thus our actions are the reactions of our thoughts. Suppose you are walking on the street, suddenly if a thought of putting your hands in your pockets arises, you’ll put your hands in your pockets, this may seem a very ordinary thing and hardly any of us is concerned about such things, but if you notice carefully this small thing has a deeper concept beneath it. When a thought arises in our mind, it takes only a fraction of second for the thought to transform into action.

The concept of this chain between tendencies, thoughts and actions are very useful if we use this to give up bad habits, tendencies can occur due to a genetic factor to a small extent, the social environment makes a great impact on our tendencies. Since these tendencies transform into thoughts and thoughts into actions, so if we restrain our actions by not reacting to temptations, this will weaken the thoughts, as the thoughts will become weaker, the tendencies will also lose their strength. It may not be done in a day, week or months, it may take a couple of years but if we can practice it regularly, this may have a great impact on our life and help us to give up bad habits.

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