Eat Slow Chew Enough

Hi folks, hope you are having a good weekend, if you have gone through my previous posts than perhaps you know that I blog about self help, mental health and simple lifestyle.

All of us are very busy in our lives now, fast food has become an integral part of our fast lives, many people brings out the negative impact of various foods on our body, whether it is about the growing obesity, cholesterol or heart diseases, lots of people talk about this, I argue on that, in my opinion not only what we eat but how we eat also has a tremendous impact on our health. Stress and anxiety can be aggravated by :

  • Eating too fast or eating on the run.
  • Drinking too much water during having our food.
  • Eating too much, to the point, we feel stuffed.
  • Literary swallowing the food, without chewing for at least 10 to 20 times.

This put a strain in our intestine in the process of digesting the food. This adds stress to our body either by indigestion or by malabsorption of the nutrients.

Reasons to eat slow:

  • Digestion : The more we chew the food in our mouth the more it gets digested in our intestine. It also takes less time to get digested and increase the absorption of essential nutrients, reduces gastrointestinal problems caused by indigestion.
  • Lose weight : It takes around 20 minutes for the brain to realize that we are full, so if we eat faster, we may cross the point where we should feel full, without the realization of our brain. Studies have suggested that slow eating helps in reducing obesity. Apart from this, studies have also shown that normal pace of eating helps maintaining glucose level in blood.
  • Mindfulness: Eating can be a mindfulness exercise, while eating if we concentrate on the food rather than what we have to do next after the meal or thinking about other things we have been doing all day, can help to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. In my case I eat breakfast and dinner, skips lunch, it takes 20/25 minute for me to eat, suppose in your case it is the same, then 20×2 = 40 minutes. Practicing to concentrate on a single task for 40 minutes per day is not at all a bad choice.
  • Feel the taste : Food is essential for survival, but it is not at all bad to enjoy the aroma and taste of food, when we are on the run or eat faster we hardly enjoy the deliciousness of our food although a lot of it goes into our stomach, if we eat slowly, in every bite we can enjoy the taste, feel the deliciousness while consuming less, the good taste of the food not only pleasure our tongue but also makes our brain happy, and create good mood.

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