Three Levels Of Happiness

” Happiness ” is a term used in context to a psychological state of mind, to describe pleasant and positive emotions. A feeling of contentment and intense joy.

Poor or rich, kind or cruel, beyond the boundaries of geography, race, religion, language, social and economic status, we all want to be HAPPY. Perhaps it is the soul intention of our lives. Every action of ours has one goal, we want happiness. Whether we work in office or we are stay at home parents, cooking, cleaning, shopping all of our actions has one soul motive, that is we want to be happy.

What can make us happy FOREVER ?

Happiness can be obtained in many ways, the first one, that almost everyone of us do to seek happiness is Pleasure. The bookish definition of pleasure is a state of feeling satisfied and joyful, synonyms to enjoyment. But satisfied for how long ??? Does pleasure gives us satisfaction and happiness that are permanent? I believe it does not ! We may go to a bar, meet friends, ordered pizza, have sex, go on a movie date or dinner, of course that makes us happy, but it is momentarily. Once the phase of pleasure is over, we are back again to the state of seeking happiness, we start to look for more pleasure, if we do the same thing to find pleasure everyday then after a month or year it stops to give pleasure. The law of causation says, if we do the same cause the effect will be the same, but the same effect or I might day results of doing the same thing that once gives us pleasure will make us bored if we seek pleasure by doing the same thing again and again. At this stage we get confused. We seek for other ways to attain pleasure, but someday everything that gives us pleasure start to bore us. The permanent happiness and satisfaction through seeking pleasure is almost impossible, pleasure only gives us momentary happiness.

The second thing that gives us satisfaction and happiness is Efficiency. When we are totally immersed in our work, whether at our office or pursuing our passion, gives us satisfaction. It gives us a feeling of accomplishment, fulfilment and enjoyment. If your passion is your profession, I bet you know that feeling. A writer whose passion is to write or a surgeon whose passion is to serve the sick and underprivileged finds immense sense of happiness and satisfaction while doing their work, they get into the flow. Someone may ask if it is permanent? No, this kind of happiness is also momentary but it gives happiness that lasts more than the happiness we get through seeking pleasure.

The third thing is finding the meaning of life, meaning of life can be different for different people, for me it is making better lives for others, for you that may not be the same. But when we try to give happiness to others ultimately we find a better purpose in life, the smile on other people’s faces, if it is because of us, that gives immense satisfaction and happiness. This happiness lasts for a long time than the previous two.

What can I do to be happy?

  • The first step to be happy is to understand what kind of happiness you want, do you want to feel joyful for a few hours, few days or for a longer period.
  • What makes you happy ? If it is your work, your purpose in life or simply some moments of fun. In the first point, if you have not chosen “momentary happiness” then the later will not be your answer.
  • After finding your passion, start getting involved into it, it may be anything, from gardening to making rockets, or writing quotes to playing guitar, whatever it is, the subject or area does not matter, just take the first step and get involved in to it. After a month or a year you will see you are more satisfied than before.
  • Start donating, helping others in any way. For example teaching underprivileged kids, feeding a homeless a good meal every week, even buying your vegetables from poor sellers or helping old folks of your community / surroundings can also be a help. The more joy you share the more joy it will bring to you.

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