7 things you should not do on first date.

First expression is the last expression, first date is the door to future dates and serious relationship, but many F** if up due to their immature behavior and lack of sensibility.


  • Be present physically and mentally : Leo finally met a girl who he has been chatting with for a while, during the whole date she was checking her instagram and whatsapp, that was a total turn off, when someone is sitting infront of you and you’re not concentrating on them but busy with your phone, it is a kind of disrespecting the person sitting infront of you. So when you’re on a date, be sure that you’re physically as well as mentally present on the date, keep your phone aside (of course this excludes the important business calls) and speak to the person you’re on a date with.
  • Know your date : Self praise is no praise, you’re on a date to know each other, it is not an interview where your future is sitting in front of you and asking you to tell everything about yourself while he is listening carefully. It is a date. Many people start talking about themselves, their hobbies, dreams, desire and every minute details about them self . Come on!! don’t act like a braggart. The person in front of you will get the impression that you’re a self centered person who cares only about himself / herself, and no one likes a self centered person. Instead of telling about yourself ask about him/her. But do not ask so much that it turns into a police investigation, it should be equal, tell about yourself but also ask about him/her.
  • Don’t appear like you’re dead : Some people, especially when they have been in an online dating mode and finally meets, they speak a little in comparison to the amount of conversation they make while chatting. They are good at typing but when it is about face to face conversation they have nothing to speak about, all of a sudden they start feeling like they are running out of words. It is quite normal but still ruins a date, so be normal, do not shy, if you’re an introvert you may find it difficult to open up but you have to, no one can understand your silence on first date and no one likes that. You can’t put yourself on silent mode and wish your date to last long.
  • Control your hands : If You’re a man, be careful with physical touch, physical touch includes touching hands deliberately, touching hair, sitting close and touch her toes with yours. These are traits of flirts and dishonest guys. Body language is the key to the inner self, a flirt hardly makes eye contact while speaking. Moreover women are very good at identifying flirts.
  • Don’t pressurize : If your date wants to go home, don’t persist to continue the date, don’t ask if she would like to have dinner, go somewhere else or if she would like to continue for one more hour, if she has any such intentions then she would tell you. If she is saying she wants to go home than it is loud and clear that she wants to end the date, better drop her home. Do not persist, do not guilt your date by saying , “oh. I have been planning so long for this super fun thing to do afterwards, would you like to do it”. Come on!!!be a man, and bring it like a real option, ask her instead, would you like to continue or shall I drop you at your home ?
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else :- Be what you’re in reality, do not try to be someone else, we always feel overcautious and try to pretend like we are the perfect person on earth, but whenever someone tries to pretend, they easily get caught, moreover if you are wishing for a second or third date and a serious relationship than one day or the other your intrinsic qualities will come up, so be natural.
  • It’s okay to tease : Teasing is one of the funniest ways to flirt with a person, it is very nice to joke around and make someone smile on first date, people love humor, but there is a fine line between flirting and hurting, when you get too personal while teasing it turns into hurting, so be careful, do not cross that line.

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