How To Be More Determined

Our mind loves to do easy things, it’s in our nature, it’s easy to waste time on social media or having junk food in the restaurant than to workout in the gym or following a diet plan. The thought of working out in the gym, lifting weights and doing pushups gives us a bitter thought in comparison to do easy things like eating lots of junks, watching movies for hours or killing time on social media, our mind get attracted towards such things because those are easy to perform. The mind can bring hundred of reasons to avoid doing hard things, like going into the gym or following a diet or a study plan or cut sugar from diet for month, some of those maybe baseless and awkward. For examples you may have thoughts like how awkward it will be to do workout in front of dozens of peoples in the gym, how difficult it will be for you to make salad at break fast before going to work. The mind brings all sort of ill-founded ideas to avoid these things, but only those who forces the mind by their will power and determination, stick to the diet plans or gymming or following study plans, sees the positive transformation.

It’s all in the mind, you may download 20 diet plans by one click in the internet or join the best gym in town, but no change no transformation can occur until you follow the plans and go to the gym regularly.

Many times we feel much motivated to loose weight or maintain a healthy diet or follow study plans, but after a couple or days or week all our motivation goes away. One cold morning or one rainly day you may wake up and feel it’s okay to be in your comfortable bed under your covers and take a break from gym, or after eating salad for a month one day you may open the fridge and say its okay to have cake and break the diet plan for a day, it’s your mind creating this trap, once you tell you mind, force it to do the things which are really good for you and you escape the trap then only positive things can happen.

When I was in school, many of my classmates and I used to make study plans to follow, but once we followed it for couple of days or week we used to abandon it and again follow our everyday stuffs. Many of us once we follow some plans, after a few days our motivation to follow that plan goes away, after a week or two we think following the plan is very boring and it is fine to take a break for a day or couple of days, that’s the point where motivation goes away. If someone force the mind and do not stop following the plan, it turns into a positive habit, makes your will power most stronger and fills your mind with detetmination.

How to to escape the trap :

The best way to remove the thought of withdrawing is to force yourself, tell yourself whatever the situation maybe but you’ll stick to your plans, on that cold morning if you feel trapped inside your comfortable warm blanket, force yourself to come out, put on your gym outfit and walk straight to the gym. If you feel to have that cake in your fridge, force yourself to take the salad out and close the door, this is the best way to develop self regulation and determination. We all have self regulation inside us, but only few of us use it.

Another way is to think about the positive side, the outcome of workout, following a healthy diet, maintaining a study plan, cutting sugar out of your food. Just think how better the shape of your body will be if you go to the gym regularly, how attractive you’ll be. If you do not stop the study plan then how high your grades will rise, how much it will influence your career and your future, if you do not stop eating the salad how healthy you’ll be. See the positive side of your hardwork. The more you practice the positive habits the more your mind and body become adapted to it.

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2 thoughts on “How To Be More Determined

  1. You are absolutely right. I always try to look positively at the final result. The truth is I tell myself it is okay to eat a chocolate sometimes or skip the gym. That’s balance. But of course, if that starts to happen every day – that’s not okay. I try to listen to my body and do what’s best. 💗


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