Looking At The Sun Makes Me To Sneeze

Whenever I look at the Sun, it makes me to sneeze twice. Do you sneeze whenever you look at the sun?? If yes then CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY !!!we are among the 18 to 35% of peoples who has this syndrome.

This is called “Photic Sneeze Reflex” also Autosomal Compelling Helio-Ophtalmic Outbrust, simply ACHOO.

Greek philosopher Aristotle in 325BCE mentioned this in THE BOOK OF PROBLEMS. “Why does the heat of the Sun provoke sneezing??”. He hypothesized that Sun’s heat cause sweating inside the nose which trigger sneezing in order to remove the moisture. Later, in 17th century , English philosopher Franchis Bacon proved Aristotle was wrong, by facing the sun with closed eyes.

Henry Everett , who first coined the term “Photic sneez reflex ” in 1964 , proposed that the syndrome is linked with human nervous system and is caused by the confusion of nerve singles. In simple words whenever such peoples look at the Sun ,their nervous system sends a wrong signal to their brain that causes the sneezing.

This syndrome is genetic and occurs within families, if one of the parents has this syndrome then there is 50% chances that their children are likely to have this syndrome.

A study in 2010 demonstrated a correlation between photic sneezing and Chromosome 2.

Now, next time you sneeze looking at the Sun, you know whom to blame.

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