How To Study More Effectively

Many a time we see, some people study less but score good marks,on the other hand some people can not concentrate that much, they study but it takes a long time for them to achieve the same amount of success as the previous one. What is the key to concentrate and study more effectively, those who study less and score more, do they have anything special in their brain? The answer is simply NO. All human have the same size of brain, yet some can memorize things well and concentrate far better than others.

Then, what makes the difference ????

The most important thing which is common to those high achievers is Mindfulness. The winner always do something extra that is different from others. Following are some steps to achieve mindfulness which may increase your potentiality in acadamics.

First thing first.. make a slot for study and only study. Even if something important appears, still do not change this time slot. I believe, as a student nothing can be more important to you than your study. The brain is a slave of your habit, it will react the way you train it. Many times you have also witnessed that if you start waking up at 5 am in the morning for 15 days, on the 16th morning your sleep will break at around 5 am. Set you biological clock to strike your mind at that particular slot for study, this can be anytime according to your priority, morning or evening , hardly matters. But everyday sit for study at that period.

The second thing is, STAY AWAY FROM DISTRACTION. Now a days many students, while studying they keep their phones near them, they keep listening to songs simultaneously while solving problems or doing homework, after every 20/25 minutes they look at their phones for this or that, take a break from studies and start chatting with their friends. These are very destructive things for your study. You’re not any multi-tasking machine but a human, you must do the appropriate thing at appropriate time. If your phone is your priority, if talking to your friends, browsing social media sites, chatting with girlfriend or boyfriend are your priority than get engaged in these stuffs first and when you’re free then sit for studies. Do not mix other things during the hours you’ve selected for your study. Avoid any kind of distraction during those hours, whether it is phone or television or chatting with friends, going out, avoid this.

Third, BREAK THE SLOT INTO SMALL SEGMENTS. This is called Pomodoro technique. For example if you’ve chosen 4 hours for study than studying after every 25 minutes take a break for 5 minutes, or study for 50 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes. In case you have chosen to take a break after 25 minutes, then in the 4 hour major slot, you’ll have 8 minor slots each consisted of 25 minutes, in case of 50 minutes minor slot you’ll have 4 minor slot in 4 hours. Try to study at least 6 hours each day, break it as 2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening, or 6 hours in the evening, whatever suits you. Depending upon your circumstances choose the duration.

Fourth, TAKE A PEN AND PAPER, NOTE DOWN EACH TOPIC YOU STUDY WITH DATE. Revise the same topic after exactly 7 days from the day you’ve studied this topic first, repeat the same topic again after 30 days from the day you’ve studied this for the first time.

Fifth and most important, do not only read the article, but act upon these above mentioned steps.

Let me know if it makes any positive change in your acadamic career.

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