Three Important Steps To Success.

A ship , without knowing where it is bound to go will just wander in the vast ocean, a man who knows what he wants to do, who knows where he wants to see himself in the future is more successful than those who has no idea of what they want.

Finding a purpose : The most important thing in life is to find the purpose before doing something, purpose refers to people’s identification of highly valued over arching goals, the attainment of which brings a deep sense of fulfilment. It is a bridge between present and future accomplishment. It has been observed during research that people having a definite purpose have shows more potential than those having no such purpose in life, peoples having a specific purpose are more happy and successful, suffers less pychological troubles.

Goals : Goal setting is another important thing to attain desirable success, goal setting is the underlaying explaination for most of the motivation theories, based on hundreds of studies it has been found that persons having specific, difficult and attainable goals performs very well in their career or in every walk of life, than the persons having no goals in life, goals can be small and big, small goals like paying the electricity bill by the dead line, cleaning your room on weekends and bigger goals like passing in a competative examination, get into a better shape by the end of the year, getting a job in a desirable company or getting promoted to the next higher post. Smaller goals do not matter much, as they leave less impression in our life, and are very small achievements, on the other hand bigger goals needs consistancy, it needs every day practice. The accumulation of the day to day practice yield the desire result. But most importantly one need to set the goal before trying to achieve it.

Don’t just dream, start working on it : The third and most important thing is to work to achieve the previous two things, i.e., the purpose and goal, many peoples become the victim of procrastination, they either do not feel to do what is needed to do, or they give priority to things which adds no values to their life, in this case one needs to understand their priority first. Another thing some people does is, they keep thinking about perfection, they think they need lil more extra time to make their work perfect, by doing this they only keep thinking and never start, and by the time they start, it is already late, some people keeps dreaming about needless things, like how they’ll dress up on the day of their presentation in office, what will they wear in their interview, by doing this they kill their time being in an illusion related to the never happening future. One should understand that by killing time and day dreaming, things will not turn in their favor, to achieve their goals and purpose in life they need to act on those.

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