Its okay to Give Up Sometimes

Recently I met a friend from college, he was stubborn and still nourish this quality. We all have started our journey out of the walls of the campus in the real world at same time. He had a dream to get a big job like all of us had. He was interested in a particular job, for which he have to clear a test, it’s a big job, and he is very ambitious.

Six long years have passed since we had left university, all of our friends, classmates, peoples whom we knew, at least by their face if not by their name, all are married, having kids, doing at least some work, good or bad it depends upon one’s perception, but this fellow is still unemployed, he stays with his parents till now. I asked him what do you do? He replied, “Im preparing for that test”. I didn’t stretch the conversation and just said “Oh, cool, good luck”. But inside me, I had a thought, isn’t he missing many things in life for an uncertain future??

Many times we are so absorbed in our desires that we forget we maybe loosing many things for attaining one thing, as in case of my friend, he is unemployed, his family is not that rich, he is in his mid 30’s. Just because of his stubborn nature isn’t he missing many happiness of life, loosing his respect in his family’s eyes? Every body has a different priority and goal, it is very good if someone keeps trying to attain their goals, but is there any limit of trying? They say failures are the pillars of success but if someone keeps failing always then they may end up with pillars only and no roof.

There must be a limit of failing and trying, one should learn to accept that some things are not for him or her, they should learn to give up to walk along with the time, for a goal if someone is trying for a decade and even if at the end he gets it, will it be of the same value to him, the value it could hold ten years back. Time waits for none, the hands of clock doesn’t rest, it goes on, if someone is not walking at the same speed with time, it is very likey that they’ll suffer.

But it doesn’t mean one should stop trying to achieve what they dream for, one should never stop trying, but they should make a dead line, they must tell themselve,by which if they do not succeed then they will give up and try something they’re really good at and after securing this they’ll simultaneously try to achieve their desire.

Hitting the door very hard sometimes make the door rebound and get closed, smooth and consistent approach makes the door unlocked..

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