I was very proud

So, I was looking at the sky,

The vast blue sky.

And i heard, although never seen,

I saw on television,

How vast the world beyond,

The curtain, appears as sky.

Yesterday, I was very proud,

And boastful I was !

Of my possessions, gold,

And dollar bills,

My house and cars,

White collar job and

The beautiful woman,

Who claims to love,

Expansive watches and wine.

Today, I am feeling,

Tiny in the whole,

Like an ant dwelling,

On a mountain of wheat,

Carrying one grain,

Thinking it is everything.

©Jay Yadav

All rights reserved

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Missing my Home Town

Have been here in this new city for last two years.

I was born in North Eastern part of India, all my teenage and adolescent years I spent in Dimapur Nagaland, Christmas is a really big event there, a huge festival, but here it is just a simple day like every other.

Missing my friends, the vibes of my city, the carols, the smell of cakes, the music and the wine.

Here posting a 22 seconds clip of How Christmas is in my new locality.

Merry Christmas !!


Peoples get rejected in love and then cry. Be realistic !! everyone wants comfort, if you can provide that comfort everyone will be with you. So first make yourself eligible to be loved, I may sound rude but in todays materialistic world a large number of peoples do not trade comfort and luxury just because of someone loves them.

I am a man

I can’t cry,

I have been told,

“Men don’t cry”.

I can’t feel depressed,

Can’t feel weak,

As I have been told,

It goes against how I should act,

Even if she cheats,

Her friends says,

“All men are the same”.

If I don’t drink or smoke,

My friends call me pussy,

If I listen to my Mom,

My girl calls “mama’s boy”,

If I listen to my her,

Mother says “I am gone”.

If I talk to every girl,

I am a playboy,

If she texts other men,

I am possessive and mean.

I work hard, sleep less,

These days, I don’t get grouchy,

Over food, I stopped demanding,

I can’t blame,

Have to pretend, I am strong,

I am a man.

This piece of shit is dedicated to all my fellow men..

Happy International men’s day

2019©Jay Yadav

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