Leaving home

I didn’t know

How to put jam on my toasts.

I didn’t know,

How to tie the lace of shoes,

I was twenty two,

Still my momma’s baby boy.

My father,

Pushed me out of the door,

Said , I am old enough,

To find my path.

But, my steps returned home.

He pushed me again and again,

Everytime, I felt

Shackles on my feet,

pulled me to my home,

Because, there was my mom.

One night the thunder broke,

The sky began to cry,

My momma slept,

Never to wake up again,

I wept so loud,

With silence on my mouth.

Me and dad bid her adieu,

“Here lies my loving mother”,

I wrote on her tombstone.

Dad pushed me again,

Out of the door,

This time,

My feet felt no restrain,

They steped foward,

Never to return again.

2019©Jay yadav

All rights reserved.

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Do you remember?

How much I dislike tomatoes.


Those, in everything you like.

That day, I found,

No Tomatoes in our Salad.

You said, “I don’t like”.

I knew, you sacrificed, for me,

The taste of your tongue,

Love, took over,

A tiny wish of yours,

Tomatoes, I began to like.

2019 © Jay Yadav

All rights reserved.

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Yayyyyy…. My first chapter is ready

Hi folks. Hope all of you are having a great time, those from India, I wish you a very happy Navratri and Durga Puja.

Guys, after clearing all the gray clouds of procrastination I finally began to write my novel, it has been more than a week since I wrote the very first word and now it’s 10000 words.

The story is about Eric, an Indian American and his wife Sarah, one fine morning they went out for a drive on a hilly track but the cloud was thick enough to lower the visibility and unfortunately they met with an accident. I would prefer not to share more at this point and keep it as a surprise for you, that you will find in my novel once it gets published.

Folks, I am a gardener, not architect, I keep on writing without deciding the plot, let the characters to grow depending on the situation, so the ending of the story hasn’t been decided yet. I write at least 1000 to 2000 words a day, sometimes more but if I have no time at all then any how I manage to write 1000 words.

I hope by next month I will be done with my first draft, I am planning to send it to traditional publishers in February, if get rejected I will go for self-publishing and by the last quarter of 2020 it will be done.

So, dear blogger fam, wish me good luck.

Have a good time, happy Navaratri and Durga Puja again.

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